Our Story


I often am asked about the significance of the bird in our logo.  The bird is a reference to my grandmother, Julia Louise, who made me believe I could do anything or be anything.   She was full of joy, optimism and ambition.  She went to college during the depression, bought her own fine china one piece at a time at age 28 because she wasn't married "yet", canned her own everything and was known for her homemade pies.  She bragged that her baked dishes were the first ones gone at potlucks, she gave gifts early because she couldn't wait, she told jokes, had nerd parties for her friends at age 75 and fought cancer at age 88.  She saw beauty in everything and everyone.  I spent hours at her kitchen table coloring, eating fudge covered cookies and snapping beans while listening to her tell stories about her life as a student, teacher and mother.  She was an inspiration to her students, friends and family and I was so blessed to receive her love and encouragement.   She loved me exactly as I was and brought out the best in me by having high standards and finding the good in every situation.  I want each person who visits Blue to experience a bit of what it was like to spend time with Julia.  My objective is that when you leave Blue you leave with not only quality goods but a full heart and knowing you are amazing just as you are.

~Peace & Love,